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Welcome to
Lulu's Chocolate

Many people ask how we got started working with raw chocolate, and here is our story. founder

The Physics of
Raw Chocolate

Raw Chocolate Bars: cacao butter is polymorphous, it can crystallize in six different forms. Only one of these forms of crystals we can create is stable...physics

Chocolate Histiori

The Mayans were the first major civilization to use raw chocolate and heated chocolate as currency. They also used raw chocolate alchemy shamanically... history

Raw Chocolate Faqs

There are good reasons raw chocolate and love are associated. Phenylethylamine (PEA) has also been called the "Love Chemical." faq
lulus chocolate

Chocolate Yestimonials

"Lulu's chocolate is utterly sublime. Each time I have a taste, my whole being says, "yes"! I literally feel myself expand with joy, pleasure, and gratitude. Lots of love, "

- Luna co-founder,
Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss

Chocolate Press

I have tasted the future of raw chocolate and it's name is Lulu's Chocolate. Organic, vegan perfection.This is the one we have been waiting for- a guilt