Hi, I’m Lulu!  I’ve long been a chocoholic but back in 2006 I realized I had to give up sugar.  I thought this meant the end of chocolate until I had my first experience with a raw cacao tree in Hawaii.  It changed my life forever and my passion since has been to share organic dark chocolate with the world as the pure, whole food that it truly is.  As a foodie who loves nutrition, I pride my brand on bridging the gap between gourmet and truly healthy. 

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Organic Dark Chocolate 101 : Chocolate Grows on Trees

About Lulu's Chocolate

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Organic Dark Chocolate Benefits


We choose unroasted (raw) cacao in order to maximize cacao’s amazing qualities from tree to table.  Our cacao is 100% wild-harvested, heirloom Arriba from Ecuador & we have a direct relationship with our suppliers.  FARMERS ARE PAID A LIVING WAGE TO HAND HARVEST THE WILD CACAO PODS.  Each ingredient is sourced mindfully based on quality, sustainability and flavor.  All of our DELICIOUS products are certified organic, vegan, gluten free, soy free, fair trade & sweetened with low glycemic coconut sugar.  Our cacao exceeds California requirements for purity and is Prop 65 compliant. We are proud to say that even our darkest chocolate passes the most strict lab tests with flying colors (see our lab reports for our 88% cacao here). Our packaging is compostable and/or 100% recycled and printed with veggie ink.  Our product is HowGood Certified, meaning it meets very strict sustainability standards. We donate product, as well as 1% of annual profits, to charity.  When we say handcrafted with heart, we mean it…that’s why we list love as an ingredient.

Debunking Chocolate Myths

Many people mistakenly think that chocolate itself can be responsible for: weight gain, tooth decay, skin problems, and digestive issues.Time for the truth. What usually causes these issues are fillers like, Dairy, Sugar, Soy and other junk that people put in chocolate. We definitely stay away from all that because here’s the truth about chocolate. Cacao is actually helpful in weight loss. 

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Organic Dark Chocolate 101 : Chocolate Myths

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Organic Dark Chocolate Benefits

Health & Pleasure

Lulu has been eating 1-3oz of Lulu’s raw dark chocolate per day since 2006. Not only does cacao provide a natural high, boosting your PEA, dopamine and Anandamide (your brain’s natural feel good chemicals), it is also a health food!

What are organic dark chocolate health benefits? 

Cacao is one of nature’s richest sources of Antioxidants & Minerals. It is also nature’s primary source of Magnesium, making it true Heart Medicine. Magnesium is much needed by the heart as it decreases blood coagulation, which lowers blood pressure and helps the heart pump more effectively. So it is actually true that “DARK CHOCOLATE OPENS THE HEART!” Magnesium also helps build bones and increases brain power, helping to Activate Your Superpowers!

Ladies, your intuition is right on (of course) when you want chocolate for moon time. We love its’ hormone balancing effects and natural endorphins. Our wise bodies crave the magnesium boost. Chocolate Yoga? Oh ya! Magnesium increases flexibility and strength. We love it before our morning yoga or any exercise.  Lulu’s daily breakfast is a Midnight Velvet bar!

What are other organic dark chocolate benefits? 

Did you know about the beauty benefits of dark chocolate? Cacao hydrates your body from the inside out, providing natural moisture to your skin. It can also help you lose weight. What?!? True. Ever notice that cocoa powder is in most weight loss products on the market? This is due to its MAO inhibitors, which curb the appetite naturally. It is real food and we think it makes a marvelous meal. Most importantly, organic dark chocolate so often makes one smile, which radiates your natural beauty full force.

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