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Lulu's Chocolate Testimonials

“If eating Lulu’s was nothing more than a deliciously sensual chocolate experience that would be reason enough to always keep a bar or six on hand. But it is so much more! What Lulu offers is the opportunity to experience deep communion with the primal essence and dark mysteries of cacao.”
Larry Kaplowitz
co-founder of Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss
“Lulu’s chocolate is utterly sublime. Each time I have a taste, my whole being says, “yes”! I literally feel myself expand with joy, pleasure, and gratitude. Lots of love, ”
Luna Marcus
co-founder of Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss
“Dear Lulu, Dear, Dear, Lulu….My 12 year old cried tears of joy when she opened her Easter basket to find chocolate bunnies and eggs!! She was shocked and thought I feel off my gluten, soy, dairy, grain intolerance rocker. Due to food intolerances, she hasn’t had a chocolate easter bunny or eggs since she was 9 years old (believe me, I’ve tried making my own and oh my goodness, it was a mess). Thank you for helping her to feel like a normal kid again!!! I am so grateful!! Please sell them again next year at this price point so we can continue to give them to her. I sent you at least 3 other customers in the same boat and we were all thrilled!! We were all overjoyed to have chocolate eggs and bunnies back in our lives this year! Warmest Wishes to you all!”
“Lulu & Team, Thank you for all that you do and the delicious treats you create! They make such a difference to the lives of myself and my customers. Being able to indulge in a tasty chocolate treat is very powerful for someone with multiple food sensitivities and just that little action, even if for just a moment, makes that person feel a bit more normal and a bit less broken…keep up the good work!”
Kimberly Harris
owner of The Willows
Hi there, I wanted to tell you a great success story about your chocolates. I recently visited a friend and brought her a little gift bag of all of the different chocolates that we carry from LuLu's. I had her try the CBD one before bed. She has a myriad health issues, including pain and insomnia. And she got up the next day exclaiming what a fantastic night’s sleep she had! (She is ordering a whole box of them!). I know that they work, but wasn’t sure how often you heard the wonderful success stories about your products, so thought I’d pass that one along. It means the world to me to help people, but especially a good friend. So thank you for the wonderful work that you do! !
Dr. Sara Thyr
Naturopathic Doctor
“I often spend all night painting in the studio. I consume copious quantities of Lulu’s chocolate while working, as it fuels the art flow and helps unlock the creative channels, allowing the visions to pour through (not to mention helping me stay up ’til dawn without having to resort to coffee, which wrecks my nervous system). I’m a Lulu’s devotee!”
Aloria Weaver
“Your chocolate is helping me quit cigarettes! Whenever I want one I just have some chocolate instead and feel real good.”
Alix Sun
“I just want to show you, that your great gorgeous chocolate gets around the world. My boyfriend brought a bar from Portland, because he knows how much I love chocolate. Well, here in the very South of Germany, near Switzerland, France and with Belgium in the neighbourhood, there is definitely no lack of high quality chocolate. But who would know, that the very best unbelievable awesome chocolate comes not from one of the famous chocolatiers but from a little manufacturer? I love it so much! It really inspires me for new patisseries. Never ate chocolate with a better taste. Great great admiration from my side.”
Anna Rousch

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“I placed a new order just now for some new varieties I liked in the sampler. You make amazing products. Thank you for infusing them with love. I eat one every day. i won’t settle for any one else’s now. How could i? It’s not just because I’m vegan and eat raw, but because taste matters. Food matters. I matter. Quality never comes by accident. Thank you for your team’s time and effort.”
“Lulu’s chocolate is my favorite! I had never experienced a chocolate that was so deeply satisfying and so incredibly delicious until I tried her bars of magic, and I have never been one to let an opportunity to eat chocolate slip by! As a cab driver, I rely on Lulu’s raw chocolate alchemy to keep me alert and focused through long nights on the road. It is the only solution I’ve found that keeps me awake without making me anxious or hurting my stomach and at the end of the night I can sleep effortlessly. Thank you Lulu!”
Mim Johansen
I just wanted to send a message to you (as I finish eating a salted caramel chocolate) to let you know how much I LOVE your chocolate! Cacao is my not-guilty-at-all pleasure food and I have been seriously been eating Lulu's Chocolate's first thing in the morning for 2 weeks. My heart bubbles in bliss and each bite is filled with divine appreciating and bliss! These are the greatest chocolates of all time and I will forever be sharing them with my friends and family! THANK YOU for creating an amazing treat that delivers ecstatic feelings of sensual bliss! YUM! ​
Katherine Halliday
Lulu's Chocolate Truffles

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“Lulu, You really are a chocolate genius, Thank YOU for your amazing gift! I have eaten a lot of raw chocolate in my life and have never tasted anything so delicious. I am SO looking forward to my delivery!!”
Chrissy Warr
“Lulu; you created/birthed quite the solution for us “super super sensitives” (to most “food” on the planet today), thanks!”
Dree Andrea

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