Introducing….Lulu’s Botanicals

Introducing….Lulu’s Botanicals

UPDATE (2019): Lulu’s Botanicals is now Lulu’s Edibles (

I’ve been a cannabis advocate for over half my life.  I truly believe in its’ healing powers and regard it as one of the most potent plant medicines on the planet.  

I’ve long been bothered by the lack of truly healthy edibles on the market and when one of my closest family members got diagnosed with cancer, I began to take this lack personally.  I set out to create the healthiest, most delicious edible on the market. 

When I met Adam Lustig, founder of Higher Vision Cannabis, he introduced me to the wonderful world of terpenes (organic compounds that make up the essential oils of cannabis) and my vision for the edibles line became even more exciting. 

Video transcript:

Cannabis— it’s about living well.It’s about your health and innate Joy. Hi, I’m Lulu—Creator of Lulu’s Botanicals Award-Winning Chocolate.

Our recipes began with organic, raw, fair trade, low-glycemic gourmet, artisan chocolate from our sister company Lulu’s Chocolate brand I’ve had for over a decade.

We then Infuse it with steam distilled live cannabis terpenes. Terpenes are organic compounds that make up essential oils. So we’re bringing in the essential oils of the cannabis plant.

We then add cannabinoids distilled with organic cane alcohol. This all comes from our trusted Partners higher Vision cannabis. We proudly support sun-grown outdoor farming and all of our edibles test 0 ppb for pesticides.

I’ve chosen the 1:1 THC to CBD ratio for all my products because THC and CBD work together quite synergistically to create a balanced high. For example, CBD has been found to heighten THC’s natural pain management properties, while diminishing the unwanted side effects that can sometimes be associated with THC.

I feel that CBD pulls me out of my head and into my body. As Martin A Lee writes, “CBD is the yin to THC’s Yang”.

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Keto Vegan Chocolate "Bon Bons"

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We teamed up with Living Wise Organics to bring you a totally sugar free, delicious vegan keto chocolate truffle experience.

Contains a Dark Chocolate & a White Chocolate version each.

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Love these truffles so much. Very creamy and delicious. I need to buy more! I’m lactose intolerant and it’s hard to find a product with out dairy that taste this delicious.

Robyn C. - Lulu's Chocolate Customer​
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