Resolutions As Rainbows

Resolutions As Rainbows


Rewarding Your Inner Child ~

Don’t worry, when I say Resolutions as Rainbows I don’t mean that your goals are only visible if the perfect weather patterns are present.  It is what I call my system of coaxing myself to stay on track by rewarding my inner child.  I’ll explain in a moment but first I want to share some super awesome tools that I will be using to build my 2016 into the greatest year yet.  By the way, I am not affiliated with any programs, I just truly get off on sharing juicy bits when I find them.  I’ve proudly earned my nickname as Nectar Collector.

The Juicy Trinity


First of all, let’s talk about GOALS. I agree with Danielle LaPorte when she says “You’re not chasing the goal, you’re chasing a feeling you hope reaching the goal will give you.” Thus her brilliant book, The Desire Map, A Guide to Creating Goals With Soul. It contains a workbook that helps gain clarity on what you want to feel by narrowing it down into just a few words that she has named Core Desired Feelings. Mine currently are: Inspired, Affluent, Intuitive, Creative, Grateful & Sensual. They have evolved over the last year of working with them and I must say, the results have been truly amazing. My Core Desired Feelings guide me in my actions, especially in knowing what to say YES to or NO to.   As an entrepreneur, this is beyond helpful. I recommend this book to absolutely everyone.

I just completed what might be my favorite book of all time…Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you feel something stirring within that needs voice, if you are afraid of the vulnerability that comes with sharing your unique expression, if you feel totally uninspired as if your muse has abandoned you OR if you are a total badass ninja that is rocking it beautifully in every way…please, please, please read this book. Not a big reader? Check out her Ted Talk: Your Elusive Genius or get a breakdown of Big Magic on the Ted Blog: Fear is boring, and other tips for a creative life.

I’ve always been curious about Tantra and other magical practices that can give one sexual superpowers, or more spiritually put, can help one access the limitless power of their creative, sexual center. I have finally found someone who speaks my language…Saida Desilets, author of Emergence of the Sensual Woman, Awakening Our Erotic Innocence. Oh, men who are reading this (thank you), you may or may not find this next bit interesting. May I suggest you check out Saida’s fabulous husband, Sol Sebastion, The Alchemy of Man. I’m blessed to call both of these folks my dear friends and believe me, they both walk their talk and live their truth. Have you heard of the Jade Egg? It is said to be a “key instrument in the art and mastery of cultivating our sexual energy.” Many women are teaching Jade Egg practices (or as my husband lovingly calls it, Ninja Yoni Training) these days as it increases in popularity.   I do not have first hand experience working with anyone else in this field and it is very vulnerable, intimate work, so for now I will only endorse Saida Desilets, Ph.D. I love the exercises in her book, both with and without the egg and I am also about to dive into her 8 week online course: Jade Egg Mastery. Very exciting.

My Rainbow System

I remember being a young schoolgirl and at times, for one reason or another, my teacher would add a gold star to my chart. This lit me up…I wanted another one! Many more! Perhaps adults should have reward systems too. I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it has worked so well for me that I just have to share it. It’s also fun and has led to some great self-reflection. All you need is a calendar that allows you to see the whole month at once and has room to make a mark on each day  (I LOVE my Desire Map Planner as it also has daily reflection pages about Core Desired Feelings), a variety of colored writing devices and a sense of humor. I decided what I wanted to do each week and how many times I wanted to do it, then I made a guide on top. Green Rainbow x 2, Red Rainbow x 3, etc. I’m a visual thinker so I had fun choosing what color each activity was.   My activities included Yoga (I love to repeat my Core Desired Feelings on inhales and exhales…yup, I’m a multitasker), Meditation, Workout, Taking Business Courses, Dancing With Full Abandon Alone In My Living Room (I’m dead serious), Jade Egg Practice and so on. I chose things that amplify my Core Desired Feelings. My goal was to have a really colorful week. When I had several thick, multi-colored rainbows in a row, I was indeed feeling good. The effect of this knowledge rippled out in other areas too. I like the occasional adult beverage but am better at knowing when to say when as I realize drinking too much usually translates into less rainbows. I do draw a moon sign for red tent days, in which I am totally off the hook from EVERYTHING. Besides, the point isn’t to be too hard on myself, it’s more of a study of how I can actually be the creator of my own reality.  Plus, rainbows are pretty and my inner child loves them.

Vision Boards

My first burning man I stumbled into a tent to find myself suddenly part of a workshop on creating vision boards. This concept was new to me but I willingly played along. The fact is that my board became an active part of my life as I witnessed aspects of it that I once didn’t know the meaning of take shape. The vision board pictured here I made with my husband to help us move from Sedona to Asheville. It worked. I’ve made three now and I noticed something happen all three times…a portal opens up and the muse enters. For me, vision board creation has been a spiritual experience of high magic. In fact, even the Huffington Post thinks it’s cool and will help you make one in this blog: The Reason Vision Boards Work and How to Make One.

Whatever you choose to do with your year…goals, resolutions, rewards, brave new ventures, sitting silently in a cave…the most important thing is to be good to yourself. Love yourself and find the magic in each day. Your inner child wants to play and we all need you to shine. As Danielle LaPorte says, “French Kiss Life.” Cheers!


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