Yoga & Joint Care + CBD Anti-inflammatory Effects

Yoga & Joint Care + CBD Anti-inflammatory Effects

Most of us don’t think much about our joints — the places where our bones connect — until something goes wrong. Even if you are not experiencing pain or stiffness in your joints, it’s worth giving these points of articulation some love and attention.

Healthy joints allow us to dance, walk, run, play drums or basketball, and sit or stand with ease. My two favorite joint care strategies are CBD and gentle yoga. Scientific research is telling us more about why CBD seems to provide relief to people who suffer from arthritis and joint pain.

A 2020 study showed that CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory effects on conditions including arthritis. I have mild arthritis in my sacroiliac joint and occasional discomfort in my shoulders, wrists, and knee joints, and I have found CBD to be profoundly healing. I take a moderate dose of CBD daily, and I increase the dosage if my joints are under stress or feeling ouchy.

I’ve had great results from CBD tinctures by 2Rise Naturals and the amazing full-spectrum chocolate bar by Lulu’s, which has the added bonus of being exquisitely delicious chocolate!I also do at least a few minutes of gentle yoga every day, taking each joint in my body through its full range of motion.

Please join me in my daily routine!

Enjoy a therapeutic dose of your favorite CBD product (with or without THC) and try this 13-minute routine that moves from toe to head, loosening the joints, gently stretching the muscles, and increasing circulation through the whole body.

Brought to you by Certified Yoga Instructor: Freda Love Smith


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