RECIPE: Vegan Cacao Chocolate for Pre-Workouts

RECIPE: Vegan Cacao Chocolate for Pre-Workouts


Vegan Cacao Chocolate is one of the best pre-workout snacks. It curbs your appetite while giving you a boost of good energy including happy endorphins to get you in the right mood to motivate. Here’s a quick and easy chocolate recipe that includes a little known sweetener (zero sugar!) that actually helps with workout recovery. Enjoy!

Video Transcription:

Hi I’m Lulu Bonner. Today I’m going to show you how to make a quick and easy workout chocolate using cacao powder.

Cacao powder can sometimes be clumpy when you buy it so if you happen to have a sifter it is helpful. If you don’t, no problem just use a fork. Whisk it up and as you can see cacao powder tends to form clumps there
so just push the rest of those through when the sifter stops working. These powders here are lucuma and mesquite. Lucuma is actually a fruit powder and mesquite is from the pod of a mesquite tree. They both are anti-inflammatory thought to help regulate blood sugar and are super rich in antioxidants like cacao and then our maca root. Maca is amazing for libido, gives you a great energy boost. It is also known as the peruvian ginseng.

Two tablespoons of Maca.

Whisk it all together. Should be a nice runny texture. You want to make sure that your coconut oil is nice and melted and warm because it solidifies at room temperature. So I want to keep things flowing, take some wax paper put it in just a small baking pan. It doesn’t need to spread flat that doesn’t really matter. A tiny bit of some nice sea salt sprinkle it on there for extra flavor and electrolytes.

Then i also really love vanilla. We put it in all of our recipes. Not vanilla extract but actual pure raw vanilla bean, the black powder. Get a little bit of that on there too. It’s totally not necessary, just if you happen to have it and you’re feeling it.

It’s best to just throw it in the freezer so it hardens quickly. Take it out of the freezer and just cut it into whatever size squares you like. After that throw it in the tupperware and we’re ready to hit the gym.


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