Question 2 : Does Lulu’s Chocolate use roasted cacao?

Question 2 : Does Lulu’s Chocolate use roasted cacao?

Our mission is simple: to provide the purest cacao experience! In order to maintain purity, our cacao honors the tree-to-table process and is never roasted. Though, it is true that roasting provides a variety of flavor nuances–we believe the fermentation process can actually accomplish some equally incredible results! 

Fermentation does not require external heat and keeps important nutrients intact while also creating complex flavor profiles. The most important part of the fermentation process is the quality of the cacao beans. 

Harvesting and transporting cacao of incredible quality is at the forefront of Living Wise Organics good practice methods. The post-harvest process begins at the farm, as soon as the pods are harvested from the trees. Armando and his team start the production process right away to harness all of the cacaos’ pure flavors.

This labor-intensive process can take up to two weeks in total before it is ready for the retail market… which is why we always say our number one ingredient is LOVE! Living Wise Organics has crafted post-harvest into an artful process that maintains an undeniable freshness and purity that you can taste in every bite! 


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Keto Vegan Chocolate "Bon Bons"

Almond Butter - Coconut Cherry - Double Chocolate
5 Stars

We teamed up with Living Wise Organics to bring you a totally sugar free, delicious vegan keto chocolate truffle experience.

Contains a Dark Chocolate & a White Chocolate version each.

Vegan Chocolate "Love Truffles"

Creamy & Delicious
5 Stars

Love these truffles so much. Very creamy and delicious. I need to buy more! I’m lactose intolerant and it’s hard to find a product with out dairy that taste this delicious.

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