Question 4 : What’s the historical significance of cacao in the Mayan Culture?

Question 4 : What’s the historical significance of cacao in the Mayan Culture?

Meet Armando Choco! He is our new partner and head chocolatier over at Living Wise Organics in Belize. Today, Armando discusses the significance of cacao in Mayan culture. 

Cacao has been used throughout history to provide energy and strength to the Mayan people, as well as, provide a form of currency. Cacao is not only part of Mayan culture; it is in their DNA. Today, the majority of cacao growers are indigenous farmers and that use the same cultivation practices as their ancestors did centuries ago.

The most important way to consume cacao in Mayan culture is the xocoatl drink. This traditional drink not only provides energy and strength but it may also signify a celebratory purpose as it is usually consumed with friends and family. The cacao pods are not fermented for the xocoatl drink-they are simply washed and left to dry in the sun, which is how they are still consumed to this day. 

At Lulu’s our cacao is taking on a whole new level by integrating the Belize cacao from Living Wise Organics into our delicious Ecuadorian cacao. The complex flavors not only provide a rich flavor profile, but also a rich history, as well.   Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes with Armando throughout the rest of the year! 


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