Question 1 : What’s the difference between Ecuadorian cacao and Belizean cacao?

Question 1 : What’s the difference between Ecuadorian cacao and Belizean cacao?

This year we decided to make the transition from using strictly Ecuadorian cacao beans to incorporating some incredible Belizean cacao from Living Wise Organics. The combination has created a harmonious blend that offers a very unique rich, nutty and floral flavor.

Armando Choco, the head chocolatier at Living Wise Organics, gives us a more detailed account of why Belize is becoming comparatively on par with Ecuadorian cacao grows and why you should continue to expect the quality to increase with the use of good post-harvest practices.

The main difference between Ecuadorian cacao and Belizean cacao is the geographical location. Every harvest will produce different flavor profiles based on what region it’s grown in. Like wine, the secret is in the soil. Historically, Ecuador has yielded some globally recognized cacao beans.

Belize is now gaining recognition for its’ perfect climate to cultivate exceptional cacao. This includes the fermenting and drying process as well, which is where the cacao acquires subtle nuances of flavor. More chocolate makers are using Belizean beans because they offer the same purity and quality, with an entirely new flavor profile.

We are so thrilled to partner with Armando and Living Wise to bring you a truly unique experience. The Belize cacao flavor profile is fruity and floral with a distinct hint of vanilla. Each blend offers their own distinct characteristics and we cannot wait to continue to explore and share these magical nuances with you!


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