3 Women Founded CBD Brands To Love

Female Founders in Cannabis: A Collective

As a female-founded brand, Lulu’s Chocolate loves to support other female founders in the CBD industry.  Because of their commitment to charitable giving, ethically sourced ingredients and  transparency,  we’ve chosen to spotlight these intentional brands that are motivated by the same pillars that have elevated Lulu’s. Each brand features products sustainably, ecologically, and organically sourced, contain Colorado sun-grown hemp, and are third-party, triple lab tested.  We’ve made all products and lab reports available on our site.
Lulu Bonner | Lulu's Chocolate

Lulu's Chocolate

CBD Edibles

Levin Rutherford | Serpent Spiral

2Rise Naturals

CBD Supplements

Kendra Mark | 2Rise Naturals

Serpent Spiral

CBD Bath & Body

Purity. Pleasure. Chocolate without compromise

Lulu’s Chocolate brings joy & sensuality into your life.  It opens your heart, while nourishing your body.  Our delicious products are 100% organic, vegan, fair trade, paleo-friendly, soy & gluten free, raw & sweetened with low-glycemic coconut sugar. We love our planet & practice sustainability from our sourcing all the way to our packaging. Enjoy!

Lulu's Chocolate

Gourmet CBD Edibles


Organically Sourced CBD Supplements

Masterfully Formulated For Pleasurable Taste & Maximum Efficacy

2rise focuses on empowering the health of individuals with full-spectrum & broad spectrum CBD infusions that intend to yield the highest possible bioactive compounds. The result is a super high quality, great tasting hemp CBD oil, free of harmful solvents and chemicals and loaded with beneficial plant nutrients, cannabinoids and live terpenes.

Organic Luxury Skincare

A female owned & operated artisan beauty and skincare company. Serpent Spiral products are handcrafted in small batches and contain therapeutic grade essential oils that synergize perfectly with the benefits of CBD. They are designed to relieve pain and stress, while supplying ultimate hydration, so your skin can be supple and happy in any environment.

Serpent Spiral

Organic CBD Bath & Body

Sustainably, Ecologically, Organically Sourced

Cruelty Free

Lab Tested <.3%

Eco Friendly

Fair Trade

Low GI


Gluten Free

Hemp Auth Certified