Lulu's Chocolate voted one of the best vegan snacks by Vegancuts

Lulu’s Chocolate has a variety of vegan chocolate flavors you simply cannot afford to miss if you’re a chocoholic.

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What could make dark chocolate better? Try adding raw vegan chocolate infused with a blend of terpenes and hemp-derived CBD oil. That should do it.

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“Once you know Lulu’s brand, you’ll start seeing their raw chocolates everywhere,” DuBoise says, which is amazing, because they’re vegan, certified organic, fair trade, and made locally with coconut sugar.

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"For chocolate-loving moms, Lulu's Hemp Oil CBD Chocolate ($10) is a downright delicious gift."

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Known chocoholic Lulu Sharpe had a near religious experience with a raw cacao tree in Hawaii. It changed her life—and ours.

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CBD foods tend to have a somewhat unpleasant aftertaste. Lulu’s Chocolate somehow... tastes like sweetened dark chocolate.

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"This dark chocolate packs 20 milligrams of CBD per square, making it the ideal after-dinner sweet."

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LuLu's organic raw chocolate. I would wrestle someone if they tried to take my Aztec Crunch and Maca Love bars from me.

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"... the perfectly guilt-free indulgence when you want to give your taste buds a treat."

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"The perfect gift for canna-curious folk who don’t want to indulge in THC, Lulu’s CBD Chocolates are vegan and from organic hemp oil along with a combination of terpenes."

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At 20 milligrams of CBD per piece, these delicious sweets will help you relax in a serious way.

In Focus: Lulu’s Artisan Chocolate

When I first stumbled upon Lulu’s Chocolate in the late Spring of 2018, I excitedly hoped to pay them a visit directly with a little weekend getaway to beautiful Sedona, AZ…

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"Lulu’s artisan CBD-infused chocolate is vegan, paleo-friendly, raw, and made from organic ingredients. "

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Want a decadent treat with a side of serious relaxation? Lulu’s CBD Chocolate is one of my favorite go-to treats that just happens to have the cleanest ingredients as a raw, vegan, and organic blissful indulgence.

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This small-batch operation has big intentions, working with exclusively raw chocolate free from all things troublesome and wholly sourced from small family farms.

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"Lulu’s CBD Chocolate does double-duty this holiday season: curing our cravings and offering the calming effects of Cannabidiol."

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These truffles are perfect for Valentine's Day for obvious reasons their name, for one...

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Lulu’s Hemp Oil Chocolate is also made from organic ingredients like cocoa and coconut sugar. It contains 40mg of CBD in each chocolate bar. You can buy the chocolate bars either in singles or in bulk.

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Lulu’s Chocolate Love Lounge

Enter a deep red velvety everything, with a front and center case full of luscious delights and warmer than warm service, we welcome you to Lulu’s.

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Andean maca root from Sedona, Arizona-based Lulu's Chocolate


Ladies and gentleman, I’m in love. Beauty has a name, and its name is Lulu’s Raw Chocolate.

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hese amazing truffles are Fair Trade, organic, vegan, soy and gluten-free, and are made with lower-glycemic coconut sugar, using just five ingredients.

Product Review: Lulu's Chocolate

If you are familiar with any of my other articles on Breaking Muscle, then you know I am a fan of chocolate - specifically raw, organic, Ecuadorian cacao.

Lulus Luscious Raw Organic Chocolate Review

I recently came across Lulu's Chocolates and they looked gorgeous! I wanted to give them a try and am glad I had the opportunity to do so.

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These dark chocolate and almond buttercups are infused with mood-boosting maca, a Peruvian root vegetable used by the Incans for thousands of years that reportedly improves libido.

Review of Lulu’s Chocolate: Organic Raw Chocolates to Savor

Lulu’s Chocolate is a company that produces organic, raw, vegan, low-glycemic chocolate bars using high standards of ingredient quality and environmental and ethical standards.


When I’m about to step in the store for a good dose of chocolate, Lulu’s Raw Chocolate is what first comes to mind.

For eco-friendly lovers, many sustainable options exist to give your Valentine’s Day a green twist.

For handcrafted treats, check out Lulu’s Chocolate made with raw, organic ingredients and wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.

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At 20 mg of CBD per piece, they’re potentially on the stronger side, depending on how dosage affects you personally, but that just means you can savor each one even more.

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This Sedona, California–based vegan chocolatier sells a line of hemp-oil chocolates made with 78 percent heirloom cacao and 40 mg of CBD each